You may opt to have your puppy shipped directly to a major airport nearest you, or you may choose to fly here, pick your puppy up, and then fly back home with your puppy accompanying you onboard as carry-on luggage. Either way, most airlines require the puppy must be a minimum of 8 weeks old at time of air travel and require a 10-Day Health Certificate to accompany the shipment.

Puppies being shipped will have received their first vaccination prior to their shipment. When we have received the balance due on your puppy, and have received the litter’s registration application from the American Kennel Club, AKC, we will mail a packet to you containing the puppy’s AKC registration application, shot record, Microchip tags & information, and a 6-page Chow Chow Puppy Care informational handout.

We advise you to take your puppy to your personal veterinarian within 72 hrs. for a complete health examination. Your puppy will be due to receive its’ 2d series of vaccinations due 21 days from the date of its’ first vaccination. The shot record will provide your veterinarian with the date it received its’ first vaccination and the type and amount of vaccination administered.

Rest assured that the shipping of your puppy directly to you by air is both safe and routine! We have never had one negative experience involving the health of the puppy. The actual flight travel time is minimal and the puppy is well cared for during handling and ground transport. Acclimatized environments are provided at all times…on the ground as well as air. Airline personnel are excellent with the puppies and the airlines have very stringent guidelines and procedures for the handling, shipping and transport of your pet. We will coordinate all airline requirements and make all necessary travel reservations according to your desires. You will be provided with a complete shipping flight itinerary several days prior to shipment. Your puppy will be shipped “pre-paid”, which means that we pay for the shipment on our end. We pay for the air travel, provide an FAA-approved pet carrier / shipping container and provide the airline with a valid 10-day Health Certificate issued in conjunction with a thorough health examination. We insure the puppy with the airline at the time of shipment. You will only need to contact the airline at your airport for directions and specific information concerning the pickup of your puppy.

We will ship puppies to you anywhere in the world, in compliance with local customs regulations, etc. Shipments within the Continental United States, Canada and Alaska are very safe and routine. We normally ship via United Airlines, or Delta Airlines.
We must provide the airline with the complete name, home address, email address, home telephone number, and alternate cell telephone number of the person picking up the puppy at the airport. Personal identification is normally required for picking up your puppy at its destination.

Puppies shipped via United Airlines are normally picked up at the airline ticket counter, or baggage claim area on your end. However, puppies shipped via “Air Cargo” status are normally picked up at the destination airport’s Air Cargo service facility. Depending on late arrival times, the airline may require that your puppy be picked up at the airline ticket counter or normal baggage claim office. Again, you should contact your local airport to determine directions and specific information for picking up your puppy on your end.

United Airlines has acclimatized temperature control on all air and ground transportation. Therefore, they do not have any temperature restrictions for shipments. This is why we normally try to ship via United Airlines.

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