About Us

We are dedicated to breeding the finest quality, sweet-tempered puppies

Our Story

About Us

From owning our very first Miniature Schnauzer to creating an established bloodline known and loved by adopters far and wide, our journey as an AKC Miniature Schnauzer Breeder has been an incredible experience! It all started with a simple idea. An idea founded on both our lifestyle and belief system, embedded by a dedication towards caring for our furry four legged friends.

All of our adult dogs are very socialized. They have large yard areas to run and play. We encourage interaction by visitors so they are very accepting of contact with a diverse public. We believe the trust of our bitches translates into easily socialized puppies. The puppies are handled (imprinted) from the day they are born. We strongly feel this “imprinting” makes them very trusting of humans and they respond by wanting to please.

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