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I was able to surprise my family especially my grandchildren with a Christmas puppy. She fit in with our other dogs especially with the Golden Retriever who lets her jump all over him. I appreciate the positive experience that we had in trying to decide and then making the arrangements to have her delivered to her new home. It was a very positive experience dealing with Miniature Schnauzer Puppies Castle
Temmah Family
We are so happy with our beautiful Penny! We have never owned a mini schnauzer, but have been ecstatic ever since Penny joined our family. Penny made our Christmas the best one yet! She makes us laugh & smile everyday! Not only is she elegant and adorable, but she is also spunky and sweet! We are very happy that we went through Miniature Schnauzer Puppies Castle & highly recommend them to anyone looking for a quality mini schnauzer!
Lindo Malt
Our family’s experience with Miniature Schnauzer Puppies Castle was fantastic. Barney was safely delivered to our home and immediately wanted to play and explore. He is very social and loves to meet everyone in the neighborhood. Very soon into his time with us he began to want to play with the other dogs in town and now has many friends which he sees everyday on his walks. He is growing up very quickly and we couldn’t be happier.
Trevor Dange
we received delivery of our beautiful sale and pepper Grace Saturday morning about 1am. Steve, the guy who delivered her was super nice. grace was happy and healthy and we couldnt be more please with our purchase. Thank you Erica & Mitch yall are amazing to work with and we will definitely come back to you when its time for another schnauzer.
Kevin Wilson
My wife and I decided to add two miniature schnauzers to our family this past year. After speaking with Mitch on the phone, we were convinced that Fernweh Schnauzers was the right breeder for us. We received advance notice of the litter an when our little ones were born, we were able to view the photos and place a hold on our choices. The dogs have been an absolute dream. They are so sweet, loving and well behaved. It’s quite obvious that Miniature Schnauzer Puppies Castle are committed to breeding the best dogs under the best care possible. We opted for the delivery service, and the pups arrived at our doorstep happy and ready for their new surroundings.
Joe Kessler
Puppies are socialized and exposed to different experiences early. We picked our puppy up at 12 weeks. Sent home with toys and a blanket from the litter easing nighttime crate training. Quickly caught on to potty training using a bell at the door. He loves meeting all kinds of people and animals. We have completed a basic puppy socialization class and are taking a basic obedience class. He is gentle with all ages, but still enjoys rough and tumble play with other dogs. We live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and are glad that he is loving snow.
Janet Simula
It was a long-awaited surprise for our daughter. We are very thankful to you and your family for our great puppy. The adoption process and delivery were very smooth. They kept us updated with emails photos, texts all the way through. Our puppy arrived on time, with up to date vaccinations, and a very thoughtful accompanying package(papers , food, toy, blanket). Churchill is a vibrant, smart, healthy mini schnauzer. He attends dog training sessions, getting ready for his Good Canine citizen certificate. I should say Miniature Schnauzer Puppies Castle family does a great job breeding and raising healthy, well-socialized miniature schnauzers! Thank you for our Churchill!
Irisha Savitskaya
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